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Wrougt iron gates, balcony & staircase
Nairobi Kenya

 wrought irob gates, balcony, staircase  Nairobi Kenya by Pergas Company

Wrought iron gates, balcony & staircase Kenya

Are you looking for wrought iron gates, balconies, staircase and decorative gates in Nairobi Kenya? Visit Pergas wrought iron distribution centre in Nairobi. You will get good variety of wrought iron gates and parts at affordable prices to choose from. Unique luxurious designs to create your dream home, is what defines Pergas company mission.

Wrought iron is made primarily of iron but with a little bit of carbon, which makes it very strong but also malleable enough to be turned into doors, gates, fences, protection and fencing grills . Wrought iron products should be painted every ten to fifteen years, but if kept in good shape it will last many times that.

Since it has a very traditional appearance, wrought iron products lends any home a classic look, reminding passersby of the grace and beauty of bygone eras. Wrought iron is ideal for security, privacy, durability, longevity, and overall aesthetics.

Pergas Company is an exclusive and sole agent of Hashtomin Noor Metal Industries Company, which is the first producer and exporter of wrought iron located in the Middle East. This company as a specialized group in the building industry prides itself that during the previous years, and with the continuous efforts of its capable and efficient specialists, it has managed to take huge strides in offering new technology in the building industry.